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Spealing the tea on Tanzania

Welcome to Tanzania. Where there’s always more to explore.

When you think of Tanzania your mind probably goes to wildlife, nature  and Culture. Safari, Safari & Safari. But there’s so much more here on our shores. From canoeing along our wild coastlines to experiencing our bustling cities and remote landscapes, visiting Tanzania isn’t just a sight-seeing tour, it’s an adventure… 

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Whether it’s discovering bold flavours at street food stalls, taking in cultural trails or conquering mountain peaks, Britain’s experiences pack a punch. From wandering in the footsteps of royalty to adrenaline-filled high-octane adventures, find your piece of the action.

Explore more of our vibrant cities

Besides the obvious natural attractions Tanzania has to offer, the country’s towns and cities also make pleasant stops, with plenty to do and see. Many of Tanzania’s coastal cities were founded as port towns from which valuable goods were transported across the Indian Ocean by sailing dhows.

On the mainland, many inland towns were important rest stops for trade caravans on their way to Central Africa or Lake Victoria, or returning back to the East African coast. In the northern highlands, many small towns were founded by the Germans as centres for colonial administration and agriculture.

Today, Tanzania’s towns and cities still specialize in trade and agriculture, and are the centres of economic activities in their regions. Besides their obvious importance for the country’s local economy, the towns and cities of Tanzania have many historical and cultural sites of interest to visitors.

Dar es Salaam, the main city that most visitors will encounter and the arrival point for most visitors off their international flight.Dar is also the nearest location to the safari circuits in the South of the country, as well as being next door to Zanzibar.

In the North of Tanzania, the far more rural town of Arusha is the start point for most safaris to the North of the country. Both are fast-growing commercial centers, but each has its own character; Arusha maintains its fresh, rural face in the abundant and fertile plains at the foot of Kilimanjaro and Dar lurches forwards, incredibly fast-growing, traffic-filled and excited by the modern age, while traditional fishing dhows still dock at its bay and tradition markets thrive on the roadsides.

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Visit Tanzania Swahili Cost

Tanzania’s Swahili Coast is nearly always overlooked as visitors flood to the more famous Zanzibar Archipelago. Those who do look closer however will discover one of Tanzania’s most beautiful wilderness areas.

The beaches are idyllic — long stretches of deserted sand, interspersed with sleepy Swahili towns and tiny fishing villages. Once, the towns were important centres of trade, and home to Arab slavers, Swahili merchants and, later on, German colonials. Nowadays the trade has largely moved elsewhere and towns are quiet and gently crumbling.

The beautiful beaches however, remain. Stunning hideaways can be found amidst the tropical languor that pervades the coast and that soon catches up with visitors too. 


Places to visit in Tanzania’s Swahili Coast

Featuring heavily on our experiences of visiting Tanzania’s Swahili Coast, these selected places are destinations that also prove consistently popular with our travellers. Our specialists can help you choose how to include them in your wider trip, based on your preferences.


What you need to know about coming to Tanzania.

Dar es salaam

What you need to know about coming to Tanzania.

Songo Songo Archipelago

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